Enrolment (Cardiff Based)

Enrolment Instructions for the 2018/19 Academic Year:

New students and those returning to study the Postgraduate Diploma or MSc are invited to complete the Online Enrolment process. Enrolment instructions will be sent to all students. Enrolment must be completed before you can commence on the course on the 26th September.

Click here for further details about on-line enrolment

Following enrolment you will be prompted to select your modules and confirm your programme of study. This is also an on-line task. Please note that you should select all of the compulsory modules.

Induction For New Students

The course commences with an induction module on the 26th September 2018. An induction letter and programme will be sent to each participant prior to the start date.

Returning Students

Students should complete the normal on-line university enrolment (details above)

The course timetable will be published prior to the course start date.

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