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The 'How To' series is a set of articles aimed at busy clinicians.

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Produced by the Academic Section of Medical Education within the Deanery, the series provides a comprehensive overview of a range of educational topics in a readily accessible format. Our 'Deanery update' issues detail the various central support facilities available within the Deanery.

Suggestions for other topics, offers to write articles or to write collaboratively with the Series Editor, Dr Michal Tombs, will be welcomed.

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Author: Sandeep Kamath
SAS Doctors have always been in the forefront of service delivery in the NHS.  They have been the backbone of any department in provision of clinical care and supporting their consultant colleagues...
Author: H Payne
A Doctor with a disability may have problems with specific aspects of training or the workplace. With the right help and support, training can be kept on schedule.
Author: L Walsh, S Davies
Early identification, appropriate intervention with remediate educational support plan and support leads to better management and smooth progression for trainees. It is duty of the Clinical...
Author: Clive J Gibson
Clinical Teaching is a critical part of Medical Education. Without it, students and trainees would be unable to place their theoretical learning into a practical context.
Author: Stephen Brigley
Ethics and morality are often treated synonymously. We all have moral beliefs and values that express our views about character and conduct, what is the right sort of person to be and what is the...
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