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The 'How To' series is a set of articles aimed at busy clinicians.

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Produced by the Academic Section of Medical Education within the Deanery, the series provides a comprehensive overview of a range of educational topics in a readily accessible format. Our 'Deanery update' issues detail the various central support facilities available within the Deanery.

Suggestions for other topics, offers to write articles or to write collaboratively with the Series Editor, Dr Michal Tombs, will be welcomed.

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Author: Lesley Pugsley
Recent policy initiatives have led to the formalisation and accreditation of the role of clinical teachers. In consequence there are now a variety of postgraduate courses for medical educators.
Author: Lesley Pugsley
Determined attempts to quantify social phenomena have allowed bureaucratic organisations to collect numerical data from increasingly diverse sources, in seemingly ever increasing volume.
Author: Nia Morris
Every health care professional, medical student or tutor needs to find out the latest research on a given subject from time to time in order to keep up to date with developments within their...
Author: Lesley Pugsley
Qualitative research is rooted in anthropological and sociological tradition and has as its major tenet the desire to study and make sense of the thoughts, beliefs, actions and activities of...
Author: Lesley Pugsley
Getting published should be seen as an integral part of the teaching / researcher role. Clinicians in both primary and secondary care setting who wish to have an academic role should see researching...
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