New 'How To' Publications

The successful How To series has continued to expand and we have just added 9 new titles to this popular series. This brings the series total to 75 publications, each of which covers a unique subject area. Many of the authors are Wales Deanery staff and also students from our MSc/PG Dip Medical Education programme. The new topics are listed below:
- How to Flip the Classroom
- How to Manage the Emotional Needs of Learners in Teaching Sessions
- How to Develop Case Based Tasks and Scenarios
- How to Use the PDSA model for Effective Change Management
- How to Understand your Leadership Style
- How to Become an Educational Supervisor as an SAS Doctor (Deanery update)
- How to Get your Achievements as an SAS Doctor recognised (Deanery update)
- How to Obtain Feedback on your Teaching
- How to Develop a Q Methodology Study

Visit our “How To” webpages to view or download a guide:

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